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 Coupling spring
 Titanium spring
 High temperature resistant spring
 Car drive spring series
 Spring series
 Wring spring
 Mould spring
 Various series of pressure spring
 Disk spring
 The plane spiral spring series
 Ellipse section column spring
 Frustum turbination spring
 Hot book big spring
 Steel slice spring
 Damper spring for motorcycle
 Valve spring
 The craft decorates spring
 Reduce to flap spring
 Car brake disc spring / banana spring

  Zhejiang Zhuji Jinzhou Spring Manufacture Factory lies in China's southeastern coast, beautiful Xishi hometown----Zhuji. Hang-Jin speedway and Hang-Jin-Qu Highway across it. It is 15 km from the Zhejiang Jiangxi railway. The transportation is very convenient.

   National aircraft, ships, motor, and machinery industries are made in these. The company has a strong technical force and product development teams. We have advanced manufacture machines and testing equipments. “Jinzhou” brand springs were saled Singapore, Malaysia and Eastern European countries. Products are trust by customer. Our company is leading position in the spring.

  Company through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system for many years. We fetch in advanced international management concepts, strict quality control system and good services.

  In the new century, Jinzhou spring look "Credit is first" as our tenet. We build up “the quality is first the credibility is first” with excellent quality and service. We are warmly welcome you come to cooperate.

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